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Smart Digital Futures 2017 Programme

Overview Timetable

The draft schedule for SDF-17 conferences is available .. here ..

More detail will be added as it becomes available.

Paper Presentation Timetables

Draft timetables for the presentation of papers for each conference are available here ...

.. AMSTA-17 ..

.. IIMSS-17 ..

.. SEEL-17 ..

.. IDT-17 ..

.. InMed-17 ..

NOTE: To enable us to update the schedule and timetable as information becomes available they are displayed here as Google Docs documents. If you get a message saying that you need permission to open the Overview or Paper Presentation Timetables it may be because you already have Google Docs open on your computer. Please log out from Google Docs and try again.

For a full transport timetable that will be running between Vilamoura Marina (Tivoli Marina Hotel) and the new conference venue the Anantara Vilamoura Algarve Resort - please click .. here ..



NEW! Book launched in the KES-Springer SIST series 'Smart Universities - Concepts, Systems and Technologies' edited by a team of KES members V.L.Uskov, J.P.Bakken, R.J.Howlett and L.C.Jain'